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Does anyone own the Bible?

Placeholder  ImageMost of us would answer no, but according to US copyright laws you are unable to use more than 250 verses from the NLT, 500 verses from the NIV, NRSV and not more than 1000 words from the ESV and NKJV.  This practice I believe is absolutely wrong.  The Bible is God’s gift to humanity.  Why should I charge for what God gave away for free.  Further more the Bible is life, and it is ethically and morally repugnant to charge for life or to use life for personal gain.  The NET Bible has a copyright that you can use as much of it as you like as long as you don’t use it for a profit.  The problem with this is that to produce a Book, Video, anything in our society requires large amounts of capital.  If the NET Bible was used as a reference and then sold as part of a video, book or other form of media their copyright is violated and they have the legal power to sue you.  There are Public Domain copies available, but most, such as the American Standard 1901 edition and the original King James version, however the english is old in these versions and often difficult to read.  There is one translation however the Digital American Standard version DASV which is completely free and open to the public which you may access at  The wording is a modern translation and was the core starting point where the New Canon Bible began its journey.  Likewise the New Canon is available in Word or PDF from this website free of charge.  And may be used in anyway shape or form anyone would like. 

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Under the Biblical Mandate through Ezekiel the Prophet the following links below you are swearing before God that you have circumcised your heart in that you believe that Jesus in the Son of God and that his promises through the prophets and the patriarchs are real and literal.

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