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What are the lost books of the Bible?

Placeholder  ImageLost Books are books that the Bible references by name as being authentic and divinely inspired, but which we do not have access to in our modern age.  We may have portions of these books as bits and pieces found among the dead sea scrolls, but lacking sufficient evidence to confirm their identity.  However the first priority of accepting the books as the Word of God is acknowledging their existence.  Therefore the New Canon Bible has listed each of these lost books in the table of contents with notes on each to let the reader know what we know about these works from the known Canon.

Lost Books for which we have reserved space as a Memorial and a prayer for Resurrection

Placeholder  Image  The Records of Gad the Seer: Referenced by name in 1 Chr 29:29 and 2 Chr 29:25.

  The Records of Nathan the Prophet: Referenced by name 1 Chr 29:29, 2 Chr 9:29, 29:25

  The Prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite: Referenced by name in 2 Chronicles 9:29

  The Records of Shemaiah the Prophet: Referenced by name in 2 Chr 12:15

  The Annals of the Kings of Israel: Referenced by name in 1 Kings 14:19, 15:31, 16:5, 20, 27, etc. & 1 Chr 9:1, etc.

  The Words of the Lord: Referenced by name in Ha-Jashar 90:48 and Num 21:14, other likely references: Jude 1:9.

  The Visions of Iddo the Seer: Referenced by name in 2 Chr 9:29, 12:15 and 13:22

  The Annals of the Prophets: Referenced by name in 2 Chronicles 33:12 and Acts 7:42-43, other likely references: Matthew 2:23 and 23:29

Considerations: The Prophesies of Eldad and Medad, Referenced by name in the Shepherd of Hermis which is not part of the Canon.  Other references include Numbers 11:26-27 & James 4:8

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