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Is the Bible accountable to the Church or is the Church accountable to the Bible? To often in our society the Bible is made so that it does not offend any specific Christian organization so that it has mass appeal for purchasing and profitability within the Church establishment. This text takes the reverse approach in that the Bible as the Word of God is greater and above the religious establishment of the day. To accomplish this tradition and political correctness has been set aside for the sake of accuracy so that God is honored over and above man.

To accomplish these goals the following changes were made that are only available in the New Canon Bible: (See links above for more information on each subject)NetObjects Web Design Placeholder

  • Books referenced in the Bible that were found and legitimized as being authentic have been included in the New Canon Bible such as Ha-Jasher, the First Book of Enoch, Paul’s Letter to Laodicea, Didache, Prayer of Manasseh, etc.
  • Lost Books have been referenced and allocated space within the New Canon Bible.
  • The Names of God (Elohim, HaElohim, El, Eloah, Elohei, etc.) and Lord (Adon, YHVH, Adoni, Adonai, Adonoi, Adonei, etc.) have been translated in to English often in their authentic plural forms: Gods, Gods of Death, Preordainers of all, the Goddess, etc.
  • Extended references: We show you the text of Samuel's scroll on the rules of the Kings of Israel and why he wrote the scroll, the account of Peter’s Crucifixion, the fulfillment of the prophesies of Noah’s, Elijahs, etc.
  • Biblical Book Titles and Sub-headers used rather than man-made inserts.
  • Biblical Books in their original form, such as now you have the book of Samuel, rather than 1 Sam, 2 Sam, etc.
  • Rather than just words of Jesus in red text all text spoken by the Father, Son or Holy Spirit has been underlined.
  • Our entire word has been copyrighted as public domain and is freely available to all who ask.
  • Other features include: scale cad drawing of the New Temple laid out in Ezekiel 40, ethnicity of Japheth, Shem, and Ham as well as each of their children when known, commentary of unique perspectives you won't hear at church.

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